for Restaurants using

Point of Success software

who spend time training new & promoted employees,

just to do it all over again a few months later with new team members.

What is the biggest difference between successful restaurant owners/managers


those that are frustrated, over worked and burnt out?

If you guessed more sales, you would be wrong.

If you guessed better employees, you would be wrong. 

If you guessed…

…spending more on marketing

…more communication

…training vs telling

You would still be missing the most important difference. 

Because no matter how the candle is being burned,

there are still only 24 hours in a day.

Putting in more hours, driving yourself crazy trying to do everything and be everywhere, isn't working.  

No matter how many people you hire, your hours don’t seem to change.  If anything more hours are added on!  

You are working harder, trying to keep up with demand, but more fires keep cropping up…  

...and the vicious cycle continues. 

Let’s get off the treadmill leading to nowhere.

The biggest difference between success and burnout is…


That’s where we come in.

Delegate the training of your system to us!

With over 60 topics, we take care of the training for both managers and employees in short easy to follow videos. 


  • system training done for you!
  • having a virtual instructor available ANYTIME!
  • employees and newly hired managers having a go-to that is not you!

Employee Videos

Use this training for new employees, whether a cashier, server, host, or in the kitchen.

Manager Videos

Videos covering manager/owner aspects of the system including Set up of the system, Employees, Handling and setting up money transactions and customer facing aspects.

New Manager Videos

These are the first training videos we recommend all new managers view.  All the training videos are important, but to jump start the learning, start with these. 

Pricing - Available November 2019

Point of Solutions Support Customers Receive All Videos as part of their monthly support.

Employee Only


with annual subscription of $39.50

Pay by month: $3.95/mos

Manager Only


with annual subscription of $75.48

Pay by month: $7.95/mos

All Videos


with annual subscription of $99.50

Pay by month: $9.95/mos

7 DAY Trial

Choose the subscription you are interested in.

 Cancel within 7 days and there will be no charge to your credit card.

Take a look at some of the videos

Video List

  • Employee 
  • manager 
  • New manager 

Assign Employee Depts

Assign Employee PINS

Birthday Club Setup

Cash Paid Out

Change User Access

Close Day


Delivery Setup

Driver Till Setup


Gratuity Large Party

Happy Hour

Loyalty Program Setup

Manager Console
On Account Setup
Open Day
Open Till
Order Adjustment

Price Changes
Refund Order
Re-Open an Order
Repeat Round

Report Basics

Report Management/Print
Reservation Setup
Sales Tax
Set Up Discounts
Set Up Employees
Set Up Kitchen Monitor
Set Up Opening Tills
Set Up Server Stations
Table Layout
Tip Adjustments
Track Referrals
Void an Order

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